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Discover how our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade home school educational consultant services offer parents a modern-day solution to the age-old problem of standardized education. Our system focuses on each student’s individual needs while preparing them for educational excellence. Home schooling doesn’t need to be YOUR burden!

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Our Educators

Carrie Andersen

ELA, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts

Carrie and John, certified and experienced life-long educators, created The Andersen Academy as a solution to the problem facing their own daughter, the lack of a safe, small, personalized learning space for home schooled middle school aged students.

Our center is designed to help students build friendships in a safe space, foster critical thinking skills, and nurture their desire to learn at a pace that reflects their individual needs and interests.

Through daily sessions, students get instruction, tutoring, guidance, and even friendship in a safe and supportive, educational setting.

John Andersen

Math, Science, Social Studies

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Small-Group Instruction

Our small-group sessions allow students to socialize safely outside of the home while working with highly-qualified, experienced, professional educators.

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Personalized Instruction

Our home school system is adaptive to each student’s unique learning styles; evaluations are crafted to meet the needs of the student.

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Online and In-Person Learning

Students will be able to work at their own pace utilizing award-winning technology coupled with the in-person expertise of accredited, passionate educators.

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A Full-Service Approach

Parents can relax as the educators at The Andersen Academy do all the work! From portfolio creation, to end-of-the-year evaluations, our services take all of the stress of home schooling off of your plate and into our hands.

At The Andersen Academy, we believe that each child can be successful and that education can and should be exciting and meaningful. Parents and students should be able to enjoy the school year!

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Our small learning pods are designed to help students build friendships in a safe space, foster critical thinking skills, and nurture their desire to learn at a pace that reflects their individual needs and interests. Rather than trying to replicate the traditional classroom setting, our medium is an innovative way to explore technological advances while simultaneously ensuring our students are socially engaged with peers and experienced educators.

Peer Groups

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  • 8th

Core Components

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Social-Emotional Learning

Every day will begin with a small group meeting that helps students get centered, develop emotional expression, and appropriate communication skills. Mornings will include an opportunity for students to explore the world around us, creating globally-minded students who will be prepared for the vast academic challenges present in secondary education (think AICE, AP Programs, College).

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Critical Reading/Thinking Skills

Students will be presented with a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts that increase their comprehension. Students will be prompted to think critically about what they read, asking questions that will help them to identify their own beliefs and learn to share their opinions with each other (think debate, the Socratic Method, etc).

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Mastery Learning

Students will be able to choose different methods of evaluation that focus on their own skill set. Some will gravitate towards traditional exams, while others will lean towards projects or oral/discussion-based evaluations. Education should not rely on the “one size fits all” approach seen in traditional schools; say GOOD-BYE to endless standardized tests! 

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